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Help your Super Savings clients prepare for tax time

Help your Super Savings clients prepare for tax time

Your EOFY super guide

Welcome to your end-of-financial-year super guide, designed to help your Super Savings clients be ready for 30 June with Australian Retirement Trust. Below you’ll find our processing cut-off dates and times for submitting forms and other transactions.

If you need any support to implement your clients' EOFY plans, our team are here to help. For information about how we can help if your clients have QSuper products, visit or call 1300 360 750.

Australian Retirement Trust accepts the following signatures:

  1. Digital approval through Adviser Online
  2. Wet Signature, DocuSign / AdobeSign

Adviser Online express service

We understand that things need to happen quickly at this time of year, so we’re pleased to let you know that financial transactions and applications submitted via Adviser Online are given priority.

The key date to remember for EOFY is 28 June – all your clients’ financial transactions should be submitted to Adviser Online by this date. If the submission is correct, we’ll be able to process it so that it’s effective on your client’s account as at EOFY.

Tip #1: Don’t leave submitting forms to the last minute. To ensure there are no issues, we have provided a more detailed list of key dates below. Adhering to these will allow time to remedy issues outside of either of our control.

Tip #2: Submit forms correctly, with attachments. For smooth processing, make sure forms are fully completed and come with all required attachments.

Tip #3: Submit forms one at a time. Where your client requires multiple transactions to be processed in a specific order, please submit forms individually (e.g. direct debit followed by claiming a tax deduction). And don’t forget the key dates below.

Tip #4: Submit next FY requests in July. If you don’t want us to process the request this financial year, best to wait until 1 July to submit.

Other key dates
Income account request & Restart my income account
So long as the accumulation account is funded, submit via Adviser Online by 28 June 2022.
Combine your super into Australian Retirement Trust
Submit via Adviser Online by 28 June 2022.
Direct debit request
Submit via Adviser Online by 28 June 2022. There is always a risk that a direct debit dishonours, and if it does, the contribution might not be able to be applied this financial year. To reduce the likelihood of being impacted by a dishonour, submit via Adviser Online by 23 June 2022.
Notice to claim a tax deduction
Submit via Adviser Online by 28 June 2022.
Retirement or unrestricted super claim & Income account withdrawal request
Need the funds in your client’s bank account before EOFY? To allow for banking timeframes, submit via Adviser Online by 20 June 2022. Need to recontribute this money into your client’s accumulation account before EOFY? To give enough time to also submit a Direct debit request, submit via Adviser Online by 14 June 2022.
Questions about other forms or how to implement other strategies?
Contact your BDM or call our dedicated adviser servicing team on 13 11 84 and select “4” for I am an adviser

How to open an Income account

Simply log in to Adviser Online to generate an Income account request form for your client to sign, then upload to Adviser Online.

Want an Adviser Online refresher?

Book in a 1:1 with your BDM for a quick AOL refresher. We’ll show you how to get the most out of our service, including where to access research reports, how to view client account details and submit transactions such as advice fee requests, and more!

Your clients may be eligible for a Retirement Bonus

By opening a Retirement income account, your clients may be eligible for a Retirement Bonus of up to $5,100*. The Retirement Bonus is generally paid to eligible accounts on 30 June of the financial year that the Retirement income account is established.

We're here to help

If you need assistance with end-of-year cut-offs, please contact your Business Development Manager or contact us.

*Subject to eligibility criteria, including a 12-month minimum membership period. Find out more here. Note other conditions apply.