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Lifecycle Investment Strategy

The Lifecycle Investment Strategy is our industry recognised MySuper investment option.

This option is designed for members who want to generate wealth over the long-term, and gradually transition to lower-risk investments as they approach age 65. 
For members who don’t choose how to invest their super, we’ll automatically invest your super in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy for you.

This option is only available for Super Savings Accumulation accounts.

How it works




The diagram shows how we focus on generating wealth over the long-term in the Balanced Pool and transfer your balance gradually to the lower risk Retirement and Cash Pools as you near retirement.

Details of the investment pools

Balanced Pool

Retirement Pool

Cash Pool

Minimum suggested timeframe 5 years
Investment objectives

CPI + 3.5%
(over 10–year periods)1, 2

CPI + 2.75%
(over 10–year periods)1, 2

Match or exceed Performance benchmark.1, 3, 4

Expected number of years of negative returns over any 20-year period 3 to less than 4  2 to less than 3  < 0.5
Risk label

Medium to high


Very low

Risk band


4 1

Strategic asset allocation in pools (%)

Balanced Pool %
Australian shares 26.5
International shares 27
Private capital 6.5
Property 9.5
Infrastructure 8.5
Fixed income 12.5
Alternative strategies 5.5
Cash 4


Retirement Pool %
Australian shares 19
International shares 15.5
Private capital 5.5
Property 9.5
Infrastructure 8
Fixed income 26.5
Alternative strategies 7
Cash 9


Cash Pool %
Cash 100

1. The Investment above are set by Australian Retirement Trust for monitoring our ongoing investment performance. This objective may differ from the Prescribed Return target disclosed on our MySuper Product Dashboard which is calculated using a different methodology.

2. After investment fees and costs and investment taxes.

3. Before investment tax but after investment fees and costs.

4. Performance benchmark: Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index.

Estimated investment fees

Fees %

Balanced Pool - 0.24 p.a.
Retirement Pool - 0.24% p.a.
Cash Pool - 0.08% p.a.

Performance related Balanced Pool - 0.03 p.a.
Retirement Pool - 0.03% p.a.
Cash Pool - 0.00% p.a.
Indirect cost ratio  Balanced Pool - 0.73% p.a.
Retirement Pool - 0.73% p.a.
Cash Pool - 0.00% p.a.

The choice is yours

Take some control and choose one of our ready made diversified options, or build your own investment strategy

Ready for a change?

You can change your investment strategy any time through Member Online. If you need help call us on 13 11 84

Learn more about the Lifecycle Investment Strategy

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