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What types of financial advice are there?

General advice

This advice is about how super and product options work in general, so it's not specifically about your personal situation. You can contact us with any questions about how your accounts work. Or use our calculators, and expand your confidence with our educational articles, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Superannuation advice (one-off financial advice)

Get personal financial advice about your super with Australian Retirement Trust, with our qualified financial advisers. We can help you make the most of your super now, plan your retirement, and manage your income in retirement.

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Full financial planning advice

If you need comprehensive advice about more than your super, you can choose your own financial adviser, or we can refer you to an accredited adviser on our National Advice Panel.

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Want an advice appointment with Australian Retirement Trust?

Your membership includes personal financial advice about your accounts with us, so we can help you get your super on track to live your retirement dreams.1 Our qualified financial advisers can give you advice about:

Superannuation advice

Reviewing your investment strategy


Growing your super balance


Contribution strategies


Accessing your super


Understanding your insurance options

Retirement financial advice

Estimating if you're on track for retirement


Advice on transition to retirement strategies


Managing your Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings account and income in retirement


Understanding how the Age Pension works

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We do our advice appointments over the phone for your convenience. Advice about your accounts is included with your membership.1

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FAQs about financial advice

If you need help booking your advice appointment, or you're looking for general advice about how our products and services work, please call us:

13 11 84

8:00am - 7:30pm AEST Monday to Friday

When overseas +61 7 3333 7400

Don't worry, you don't need to be a maths whiz to get the most out of your advice appointment. You just need to think about the future lifestyle you want to enjoy, so your adviser can tell you what actions could help you get there.

To do this, here's our two easy steps to prepare for your advice appointment:

  1. Imagine your goals and dream retirement lifestyle.
  2. Because once you have a picture of what the future looks like, it becomes possible to work towards making it happen.

  3. Fill in and send us your client questionnaire.
  4. To prepare your personalised financial plan, your adviser needs to know a bit about your financial situation. We'll send you a questionnaire in the email confirming your appointment.

Check our other tips for things you can do to prepare for your appointment.

It depends what type of advice you need. As an Australian Retirement Trust member, you can get financial advice about your super account as part of your membership.

We’re also happy to work with your financial adviser (if you have one) when you need comprehensive financial advice. In that case, your adviser will let you know what the fees are and the payment options.

Depending on your needs, you can get free financial advice from the Financial Information Service (FIS) at Centrelink (Services Australia) or the National Debt Helpline.

When you get financial advice through your super fund, it's different to seeing an external financial adviser in two main ways:

  1. Content: We can only give you advice about making the most of your super with us, any insurance on your account, and using our retirement income products. An external financial adviser can give you advice about your entire financial situation, including any debts like a home loan, and investments outside of super.
  2. Cost: Getting advice about your super account with Australian Retirement Trust is included as part of your membership, so the cost is just the usual administration fee on your account. Seeing an external financial adviser may come with a cost, which your adviser can tell you about.

There's 3 main benefits to getting advice about your super:

  1. It's included in your membership, so it won't hurt your budget or decrease your super balance.
  2. We've got qualified financial advisers on the phone who specialise in super and insurance, so you'll feel confident you know what to do to next.
  3. It's convenient because we offer advice over the phone – and we have so much general advice online for you, like our calculators, webinars, and podcast.

You'll want to check with an accountant or tax adviser before you submit your tax return, because it depends on what type of advice you get.

Some people may be able to claim a tax deduction on advice fees for investment advice if the advice helps them earn money from that investment.

If you get superannuation advice from our financial advisers here at Australian Retirement Trust, it's included in your membership. All you pay is the normal fees on your account, so there's no expense to claim a tax deduction on.

Australian Retirement Trust has established a panel of accredited external financial advisers who are not employees of Australian Retirement Trust. Australian Retirement Trust is not responsible for the advice provided by these planners and does not receive or pay any referral fees. These advisers will explain to you how their advice fees are determined.

1. Sunsuper Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 50 087 154 818 AFSL No. 227867) (SFS) is a separate legal entity responsible for the financial services it provides. Eligibility conditions apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide for more information.