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Approaching retirement is an exciting time to decide what matters the most to you and how you want to spend your time. We’re here to help ensure you have the money you need for your ideal lifestyle when you retire.

How much super do you need?

How much you'll need to fund your retirement will depend on your retirement expenses and the sort of lifestyle you'd like to enjoy. Once you've decided on the types of things you’d like to do, the retirement forecaster can help you work out how long your savings need to last.  

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Preparing for retirement

It’s never too late to get your retirement on track. Here's some things to think about before you stop working.

  1. Combine your super

    Having more than one super account normally means paying more than one set of fees. Consolidating your super accounts will simplify your fees.

  2. Get superannuation tax advice

    You could take advantage of superannuation tax benefits, like taking an income tax-free from your super while contributing to your super balance at the same time.

  3. Look at how your super is invested

    Up to 60% of your total investment earnings can actually be earned while you’re in retirement*. Think about how you can invest this money, rather than withdrawing it all in cash. Check out the Income account investment choices.

    *Source: Russell Investments: The 10/30/60 Rule. January, 2015

  4. Discuss refinancing your home

    If you have a mortgage on your home, it’s a good idea to speak to someone about your options before you retire. You may want to reduce your mortgage payments and invest more into your retirement fund. 

  5. Review your health cover

    Approaching retirement is a good time to review your health insurance and ensure you have the cover you need.

  6. Get a SunTracker financial plan

    Advice about your Super Savings account is included with your membership1. An Australian Retirement Trust financial adviser will help you look at where you want to go, where you’re headed, whether you’re on track and look at what you can do to get there.

Accessing your super

You’ve worked hard over the years to build your super and now it's time to reap the rewards and live your dreams in retirement. Here we explain the rules on when and how you can access your super.

Start working less

Just because you’re working less, doesn’t mean you should have less money. You can supplement your income from your super with a Transition to retirement income account.

Income from work plus Income from Super equals Total Income

Retire with Australian Retirement Trust

Make sure compound interest keeps working hard for you in retirement by accessing your super through a super pension like the Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Retirement income account.


Choosing how your super is invested and keeping a close eye on its performance will give you greater control of your financial future.

Income account fees

We’re committed to returning profits to members as lower fees and better services, as the less you pay in fees on your super account the more you could have to live your best retirement.

1. Sunsuper Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 50 087 154 818 AFSL No. 227867) (SFS) is a separate legal entity responsible for the financial services it provides. Eligibility conditions apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide for more information.

Activate your account

Once you're eligible, it’s quick and easy to get your Income account up and running.

Or, give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

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