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Our ABN and USI number

60 905 115 063
Australian Retirement Trust USI number
If you have a QSuper account, use the QSuper USI.
60 905 115 063 003
Fund name
Australian Retirement Trust
Fund phone
Fund address
GPO Box 2924
Brisbane QLD 4001
Your member number
If you don't know it, we can help you find your member number or fill in our online form and we'll find your member number for you.
Australian Retirement Trust Letter of Compliance

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What do these numbers mean?

USI stands for unique superannuation identifier, and every super fund has one to use as proof of identity when we pay money in or out of members' accounts.

Australian Retirement Trust's USI for Super Savings accounts is 60 905 115 063 003. If you have a QSuper account, you will need the QSuper USI instead.

When you change jobs, and want to stay with your current superannuation fund, your employer will ask for your fund's USI. We can help by emailing your new employer your ART account details, including the Australian Retirement Trust USI and other details your employer will need.

A letter of compliance is a document that a super fund gives your employer. It says we are a complying resident and regulated super fund and can accept super contributions from your employer.

A letter of compliance is also sometimes called a complying fund statement or a general compliance certificate.

If you use our online form to send your employer your ART account details, we include the letter of compliance for them. If you use the ATO's standard choice form, you'll need to send your employer a copy of our Australian Retirement Trust letter of compliance. You can download the Australian Retirement Trust Letter of Compliance here.

ABN stands for Australian business number. It's a unique identification number with 11 digits, and government departments like the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) use it to identify companies, managed funds, and trusts like a super fund.

Australian Retirement Trust's ABN as a super fund is 60 905 115 063.

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