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Super Savings Investment fees and costs

Here you'll find the fees and costs that may apply to your account.

Investment fees

Investment fees are the fees charged to you for managing each investment option. Australian Retirement Trust sets investment fees to match expected costs. The estimated Investment fees are our best estimates based on recent experience and our current long-term expectations for ongoing investment costs. We report the Investment fees in two components; the base fee and the performance-related fee. Investment fees are deducted from the daily unit prices for more information refer to the Super Savings guide.

Indirect cost ratio

Indirect costs are expenses incurred in managing your investments in addition to Investment fees, and include explicit operational and transactional costs such as brokerage and stamp duty. They are not paid by Australian Retirement Trust, but rather are incurred indirectly by our investment managers and as such are included in your net investment returns. The indirect cost ratios are the sum of indirect costs expressed as a percentage of the funds in each investment option.

The indirect cost ratios shown are calculated using actual costs and reasonable estimates of costs incurred in the previous financial year.

Below are our current estimated investment fees and indirect costs for our investment options.


Investment option

Estimated investment fee 

Base fee

Estimated investment fee 

Performance-related fee

Indirect cost ratio 
Diversified (multi-asset) options 

Lifecycle Investment Strategy;

(available to Accumulation members only)

Balanced Pool - 0.24% p.a.
Retirement Pool - 0.24% p.a.
Cash Pool - 0.08% p.a.
Balanced Pool - 0.03% p.a.
Retirement Pool - 0.03% p.a.
Cash Pool - 0.00% p.a.
Balanced Pool - 0.73% p.a.
Retirement Pool - 0.73% p.a.
Cash Pool - 0.00% p.a.
Growth 0.24% p.a. 0.04% p.a. 0.90% p.a. 
Balanced 0.24% p.a. 0.03% p.a. 0.73% p.a. 
Balanced - Index 0.09% p.a.  0.00% p.a. 0.03% p.a. 
Socially Conscious Balanced 0.24% p.a.  0.03% p.a. 0.32% p.a.
Diversified Alternatives 0.24% p.a.  0.05% p.a.  2.83% p.a. 
Retirement 0.24% p.a. 0.03% p.a. 0.73% p.a. 
Conservative 0.24% p.a. 0.03% p.a. 0.67% p.a. 
Single asset options 
Shares 0.23% p.a.  0.03% p.a. 0.05% p.a. 
Australian Shares  0.27% p.a.  0.08% p.a.  0.10% p.a. 
Australian Shares - Index  0.10% p.a. 0.00% p.a. 0.00% p.a.
International Shares - Index (hedged) 0.10% p.a. 0.00% p.a. 0.02% p.a. 
International Shares - Index (unhedged)  0.10% p.a.  0.00%p.a. 0.01% p.a. 
Emerging Markets Shares  0.12% p.a.  0.00%p.a. 0.03% p.a. 
Property  0.18% p.a.  0.00% p.a.  0.89% p.a. 
Australian Property - Index  0.07% p.a.  0.00% p.a.  0.04% p.a. 
Diversified Bonds  0.23% p.a.  0.00% p.a.  0.04% p.a. 
Diversified Bonds - Index  0.07% p.a.  0.00% p.a.  0.08% p.a. 
Cash  0.08% p.a.  0.00% p.a.  0.00% p.a. 


The actual investment fees for financial year completed will be published in the Annual report, available here in the second half of the year.

Our Super Savings guide provides information on the investment fees and costs of all our investment options including information on the nature of performance-related fees and tax (if applicable) on investment earnings.

Want to learn more?

Download the Super Savings Investment guide.