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The Australian Retirement Trust app

Have your account details at your fingertips, get super notifications, and more with the Australian Retirement Trust mobile app.

Getting started

You will need to be registered for online access before you can login to the Australian Retirement Trust app.

Step 1: Register

Don't have online access? Registering is easy and should only take a few minutes.

Already have registered? Skip ahead to step two and download the app now.

Get online access

Step 2: Download

The mobile app is available for smartphones using either iOS or Android operating systems. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Australian Retirement Trust app.

app store google play

Step: 3 Login

To login, just use you Australian Retirement Trust online account login details.

Forgotten your details? Don't worry. We can get you back online in just a few clicks. We just need to verify a few details first.

Step 4: Set up FaceID, TouchID or Pin

Once you have logged in you can go to ‘Settings’ and set up your FaceID, TouchID or 4Digit pin for future logins.

Once enabled, you’ll have quick access to your Australian Retirement Trust account.

Tools to feel on top of your super

Getting on top of super is so much easier when you can access your information at the touch of a button.

View your account balance and transaction history

Keep an eye on your super balance and transaction history to stay on track to achieve your retirement dreams. Plus, if you have multiple Australian Retirement Trust accounts, you can view them all under the same login.

This app is for Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings accounts. For QSuper accounts, go to the QSuper app.

Update your details

We’re here to help so keeping your address, email and phone number up-to-date will ensure that you remain connected to us and your retirement dreams.


Save on the things you need now and have more for the future. Access special deals and discounts at your fingertips through the Australian Retirement Trust app.

Give a new employer your Australian Retirement Trust details

Use our app to email your new employer your Australian Retirement Trust details. Your job may change but your superannuation account can remain the same.

Manage your investments

Switch your investment options with ease and quickly preview how your investments are allocated.

Check and nominate your beneficiaries

It’s important to let us know who you’d like to inherit your retirement savings and any insurance benefits when you pass away. You can nominate or update your beneficiaries in the app to ensure your money ends up where you want it to go.

Consolidate your super, and a whole lot more!

Search for your lost and other super and consider consolidating1 to put all your super in one fund. Just choose ‘Consolidate your super’ in the app and we’ll step you through the process.

Plus, get notifications when a contribution is made to your super account, access your account statements, enable quick balance before logging in, and more.

1 Before combining your super, consider the potential loss of insurance and other benefits that you may have with your existing fund. Also, think about where your future employer contributions will be paid.

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I've got the app, what's next?

It’s time to start thinking about your future. Did you know? The cost of advice about your Australian Retirement Trust account is included with your membership.

See advice options