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Checking your super should be as easy as checking your bank balance

Too many passwords to remember? Don’t worry – you can choose a 4-digit PIN or use your fingerprint or FaceID instead. And you can check your quick balance without needing to log in every time.

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Get a notification when money comes in

Turn on notifications to see when your employer makes a super payment to your account. Keeping an eye on your super now gives you a better chance of seeing your dream retirement come to life. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Australian Retirement Trust app.

Find your member number any time you need it

When you need your member number or our super fund details, it’s all in the app. And you can even email these details to your employer or financial adviser anytime.

Member number

Give this to your employer

Fund details

All the details in one place

100+ discounts with Australian Retirement Trust rewards

Save money now and have more later, with member discounts on shopping, events, and gift cards. Because you deserve to enjoy better finances today, not just when you retire. Get the latest deals in the app.

What you’ll find in the Australian Retirement Trust app

Stay in touch with your super balance and transaction history, and let us know how you’d like us to communicate with you. See all your Super Savings accounts at once in the app.

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Account details

Email your employer your ART details or download a form.

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Update your details

Let us know about your new home, job, or email address.

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Add money

Make a contribution to grow your super balance.

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Choose investments

Switch investment options or view your returns.

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View your transaction history or annual statement.

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Find more super

Look for any other super accounts or lost super out there.

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Prepare to retire

Check when you can start using your super.

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Estate planning

List who should inherit your super and any insurance if you die.

Join more than 750,000 users on the Australian Retirement Trust app

Rated 4.7 stars on the Apple App Store in 2023

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Have any questions about the app?

If you need any help getting the app onto your phone, or you’re experiencing technical issues, please reach out to our friendly team or read more FAQs about our app.

13 11 84

8:00am - 7:30pm AEST Monday to Friday

When overseas +61 7 3333 7400

Yes, it should work on most phones and tablets. Our app is designed to work with Apple iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad) and Android operating systems (e.g. Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel).

As long as you keep your phone or device updated, our app should download and work smoothly on your device.

Yes, the app has high level security features to protect your super account and member details.

We’re serious about keeping your super safe and have security in place to help protect your account. Find out how you can stay safe online, and contact us if you have any concerns.

Yes, if you're a member with Australian Retirement Trust, you can add money to your Super Savings account in our app. Click on More > Manage your super > Add to your super.

If you're an employer who needs to pay super, you'll want the Australian Retirement Trust Clearing House instead. Or see more of our information for employers.

This app is for your Super Savings accounts only, so if you also have a QSuper account with us, please download our QSuper app as well.

The Sunsuper app is now the Australian Retirement Trust app, because we merged with QSuper in 2022.

Your login details for Australian Retirement Trust Member Online and the Australian Retirement Trust mobile app are the same as for your Sunsuper account.

For most people, the Sunsuper app has automatically updated itself to become the Australian Retirement Trust app. If this didn't happen for you, please run updates on your phone or device, or uninstall and re-download our app.

Sunsuper rewards is also now Australian Retirement Trust rewards, and you can find it all in the app.

Forgot your ART super login details? We can get you back online in a few clicks. We just need to run a quick check first.

Never logged in before? You'll need to register for online access first.