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Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Guides

The following documents may need to be read in conjunction with each other.

Super Savings PDS and guides

Super Savings Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation Account

A summary of the important information you need about your Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Accumulation account, including membership application form, insurance and fees.

Super Savings Product Disclosure Statement for Income Account and Lifetime Pension

A summary of the features, benefits, and risks before opening one of our retirement products. Relevant application forms are also contained in here.

Super Savings Accumulation Guide

Important information about how superannuation works and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account.

Super Savings Insurance Guide

Details of the insurance options available. Note that our insurance offering changes from time to time. Different features, benefits and terms may apply to members who joined before the guide's issue date. Contact us for a copy of the Insurance guide that applied when you became a member, and any notifications of insurance changes that we have previously sent you.

Super Savings Investment Guide

Details of the investment options available to you, and information on determining your investor needs.

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View recent important updates to be read in conjunction with the PDS.

If you're part of a Corporate Plan, or the Super Savings Ex-IAG and NRMA plans, please visit your employer's microsite for your Super Savings PDS and guides.

Other PDS, guides and information

Super Savings – Business PDS and guides

Visit Super Savings – Business for the Business PDS, guides and other information about Super Savings – Business. For more information on your Business plan please visit your employer's Australian Retirement Trust microsite or contact us.

Super Savings – Corporate PDS and guides

For Super Savings – Corporate PDS, guides, updates and other information visit your employer's Super Savings – Corporate microsite or contact us.

Important PDS updates

We also provide a summary of significant event and material change notifications issued to members for the past 2 years.

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Target Market Determinations (TMDs)

Australian Retirement Trust is required to provide Target Market Determinations (TMDs) under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019. This Act ensures our approach to the design and distribution of our financial products keeps member objectives, individual financial situations and needs in focus.

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