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Super Savings Accumulation account Insurance FAQs

Here you'll find the answers to some common questions about insurance available through the Super Savings product (our public offer product).

Please note: Information on this page may not be applicable to Super Savings – Business accounts or Super Savings – Corporate accounts. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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Who is the owner of the insurance policies?

Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Australian Retirement Trust.

Who is the underwriter?

AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861.

Are the insurance premiums stepped or level?

Stepped. Tailored Death and Tailored Total & Permanent Disability allows the choice between:

  • ‘Fixed sum insured’ where the premiums increase with age, and,
  • ‘Fixed premium’ where the sum insured decreases with age.

Do you accept transfer of insurance cover?

Yes. Up to a maximum dollar value of $1,000,000 for Death and/or Total & Permanent Disability, and up to a maximum monthly benefit of $10,000 for Income Protection. Refer to the Transfer of insurance cover form.

Is the insurance cover indexed?

Tailored Income Protection can be indexed.

All other insurance cover on the Super Savings product offering is not indexed.

Is a buy-back offer available on the insurance?


Is Death and Total & Permanent Disability linked?

Yes. If Total & Permanent Disability is paid, the insured amount for Death will reduce by the Total & Permanent Disability amount that has been paid.

Is the beneficiary able to receive the Death/Total & Permanent Disability payout in the form of a pension account?

Yes, via an Income account.

Do you allow early release for terminal illness?

Yes, if life expectancy is less than 24 months.

Is Total & Permanent Disability any or own occupation?


Is the Total & Permanent Disability definition unable or unlikely to return to the workforce?


How long is the waiting period for Total & Permanent Disability cover?

No waiting period for Total & Permanent Disability Assist, except where claiming due to inability to perform certain activities (Part D of definition) or suffering a cognitive impairment (Part A of definition). Details of these definitions can be found in the Super Savings Insurance Guide

3 month waiting period for Tailored Total & Permanent Disability, except for Part C of definition.

Is Income Protection, indemnity or agreed value?


Will Income Protection continue if a successful Total & Permanent Disability claim is made?

Yes, subject to other terms and conditions and contribution inactivity rules.

Is it alright if I recommend my client make annual (partial) rollovers from their Super Savings Accumulation account to pay for the premiums held inside another superannuation trust?

Yes. Talk to the Fund that’s receiving the rollover to see if you can set up an annual rollover instruction with them.