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Paying more fees than you need to?

If you have more than one super account, you could be paying multiple fees. And multiple insurance premiums.

So why not combine all your super together? It's simple to do.

Consolidate my super now
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One set of fees

The less you pay in fees and insurance costs, the more you could have in retirement.

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Easier to manage

Avoid extra admin for yourself, with just one account to manage.

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Keep track of your super

With one account, you always know where your money is, avoiding lost super.

How to consolidate super

The easiest way is in Member Online or the Australian Retirement Trust app. It only takes a few minutes.

  1. Log in to Member Online or the app

    Log in to Member Online or the app

    If you haven't logged in before, you'll need to set up online access first.

  2. We'll send a code to your mobile

    We'll send a code to your mobile

    Just to make sure it's really you. You'll need to give us your tax file number (TFN) too, if you haven't already.

  3. Pick the accounts you want to combine

    Pick the accounts you want to combine

    That's it! We search for your other super and you tell us what to do with it.

Log in to consolidate super

Not a member? Not a problem! You can join now.

Log in to consolidate super

Not a member? Not a problem! You can join now.

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Other ways to consolidate superannuation

Use the rollover tool

Know all your super details? You can combine your super without logging into your account. You'll also need your TFN.

Start now
Use the paper form

If you want to combine only some of your super from another fund, use this. Fill it in, and upload or post it to us.

Download form [PDF]

Rollover super from an SMSF

You can use SuperStream to transfer your super from a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to your ART account. Read more about SMSF transfers.

Before you consolidate superannuation

Is the timing right? Check if you’ll lose benefits like insurance or pension options before you rollover super to the one fund. Or if there are any tax impacts. And make sure your employer contributions go to the right fund.

Why transfer your super to ART?

More than 2.3 million Australians trust us with their super. That's because we're helping our members retire well with confidence.

Why choose us?
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Strong long-term returns

Good returns give your super more chance to grow, both now and over the long term.

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Focused on low fees

We don’t pay shareholders. So we can give back profits to members as low fees and better services.

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Save money with an account that's won multiple awards for outstanding value for money.

Why choose us?

FAQs about consolidating super

Got a question about combining your super? Check our frequently asked questions.

Consolidating your superannuation means you’re rolling all your accounts with different super funds together into one account.

Other names for this are:

  • A superannuation rollover
  • Combining or merging accounts
  • Transferring your super.

After you transfer your other super to your Australian Retirement Trust (ART) account, make sure your employer is paying super into the right account.

You can send your ART account details to your employer online.

There are lots of benefits to consolidating superannuation, like:

  • You might find super accounts you’ve lost track of.
  • Fewer accounts could mean saving on paying multiple fees.
  • Keeping your super in one place helps you take charge of your future and grow your savings.

Some potential disadvantages of consolidating super funds could be:

  • Combining your super at a time that locks in an investment loss in your old fund.
  • If you get lower insurance benefits compared to your previous funds. Or not being able to get insurance cover with the new fund.
  • Ending up with a super account you don’t know about if your employer keeps paying super into your old fund, causing lost super.

Once you’ve put in your consolidation request, we’ll contact your other super funds to transfer your money to us.

We’ll let you know when it’s all in your ART account.

You can log in to your account anytime with Member Online and our app. So you can keep track of your super and see any money that comes in.

The time it takes can be different between funds. But we’ll do our bit to make sure your super’s combined as quickly as possible.

Transferring part of your before-tax contributions to your spouse is known as contribution splitting. You can do this using the Contribution Splitting Advice form.

Or you can make a spouse contribution. This is when you pay money into your spouse's super account from your after-tax income.

A transfer of superannuation to an ex because of divorce or separation is a little different.

If you have more than one account with us, there's a few things to be aware of before you combine them.

Check out your options for consolidating super within ART.

Consolidate your super

Take control of your future. Log in or use our app to combine your super into one account.

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