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Market volatility and your super

  • 17

What’s causing the recent share market volatility and what does it mean for your super balance? Our Chief Economist Brian Parker and Head of Advice Anne Fuchs discuss in our latest New School of Super podcast episode.

War in Ukraine: The Economic Consequences of Putin's Obscene Folly

  • 3

After a very strong performance in 2021, world share markets have had a disappointing start to the year, as initial concerns over the outlook for inflation and interest rates have been supplanted by the war in Ukraine.

Non-concessional contributions

  • 4

Non-concessional contributions can be a smart way to take control of your financial future and put you on the path to living your dream retirement. Read on to find out what they are and how to make them.

Super co-contributions

  • 3

You don’t need to be a high income earner to take charge of your super. For low and middle-income earners, the government could help you boost your super balance by matching contributions you make.

What is superannuation?

  • 4

Knowing the ins and outs of super is important as it could play a big part in helping you live your dreams in retirement. Find out about the basics of superannuation in Australia and how it works.

What are reportable super contributions?

  • 3

Did you know that if you or your employer make extra payments into your super account that you may be required to report them to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)?.

Spouse super contributions

  • 3

If your partner has taken time off work, whether to raise children, study or for another reason, it’s likely their super balance is not growing as much as it could be.

Superannuation rate

  • 3

The Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rate has recently changed. Read our article to find out what the superannuation rate is, and how to know if you're eligible to receive super.

What are concessional contributions?

  • 4

When discussing super, you might have heard the term ”concessional contributions”. Read on to learn what exactly concessional contributions are, and how can they help boost your super savings for retirement.

How to consolidate your super?

  • 3

Having super in multiple accounts could make it hard to stay on top of your super. We’ll explore what it means to consolidate your super, why you should consider it, and how to go about it.

How are super contributions taxed?

  • 3

Adding extra to super may be a good way to boost your retirement nest egg. If you’ve ever wondered how much tax you’ll pay on contributions to super, we’ve broken it down in our article.

Retirement Age Australia

  • 5

While there's no fixed retirement age in Australia, there are a few things you should consider before stopping work. Find out the average retirement age of other Australians, when you can get your super or the Age Pension, and how you might choose the age you want to retire.

What is salary sacrifice?

  • 4

While 'salary sacrifice' seems to suggest losing out on part of your salary, employees who enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement with their employer could actually have a lot to gain.

Ways to boost your super before retirement

  • 5

Here are some practical ideas that you can implement right now to give your retirement savings a boost and help prepare for the next phase of your life, no matter if you're thinking of retiring soon or some time down the track.

Feel on top of your super in the financial year

  • 5

Adding extra contributions to your super now can help you feel on top of your super, and your future. That’s because the sooner you start, the better it can be. Read about the different ways you can boost your super for the financial year.

Tips to help you make the most of your online super experience

  • 3

Having everything you need at your fingertips may save you time and effort, especially when you start thinking about your future plans and how you’re are tracking for retirement.

Checking in with your mental health at retirement

  • 5

Transitioning to retirement is more than a financial change, it’s also a significant mindset change. Many retirees find the adjustment to be challenging, and for some, it may lead to anxiety, depression and other health problems.

Protect yourself from super scams

  • 4

Protecting your retirement dreams is just as important to us as helping you reach them. And while no one expects the worst to happen, the right insurance cover can help you and your family feel prepared and protected.

Are you losing money by having more than one super fund?

  • 5

Protecting your retirement dreams is just as important to us as helping you reach them. And while no one expects the worst to happen, the right insurance cover can help you and your family feel prepared and protected.

Insurance through super

  • 3

Protecting your retirement dreams is just as important to us as helping you reach them. And while no one expects the worst to happen, the right insurance cover can help you and your family feel prepared and protected.

Debt and retirement

  • 5

You’ve been dreaming of finishing up at work and enjoying your retirement for many years. But, as your retirement date draws closer, you can’t help but worry about your debts. Here's how to manage your debt when it comes to retirement.

Make the most out of your super

  • 5

You know that super and planning for retirement is important. But you also think, ‘what’s the rush? Retirement is still 10, 20, 30 years away. It's never too early to start thinking about ways to grow your super for your retirement - here are a few tips.

Staying on top of your future: How to find lost super

  • 5

Having enough super is key to a great retirement. Here is a quick overview of what exactly ‘lost super’ is, along with some useful steps to find and recover any lost or unclaimed super you may have.

How to compare super funds?

  • 4

The superannuation market is flooded with options, so it can be overwhelming to decide which fund will work best for you. While the best choice will be different for everyone, there are things you can look out for to help you make a decision.

How much super do I need to retire?

  • 4

No matter how close or far away it might be, you've probably dreamt about retirement. But have you considered how much it might cost, and at what age you might have enough to be able to give up the 9-5?

A short masterclass on asset class

  • 10

When it comes to investing, diversification is critical. It’s why we invest across both listed and unlisted assets. Take a short masterclass on asset class to better understand investment diversification and strategy.

Test your inner investor

  • 5

The investor needs quiz is a guide to help you decide how you feel about risk and return, how you may like to plan for your goals and how those decisions may influence the way you invest your super.

Advice in 2021. Let's video call!

  • 2

An unintended outcome from 2020 has been the “boom in Zoom”; that is, how comfortable many of us have become with meeting virtually. As an Australian Retirement Trust member, you can access financial advice via video call.

Electricity in Finland: a COVID-resistant Australian Retirement Trust investment

  • 7

In 2014, Australian Retirement Trust acquired a 10 per cent interest in Caruna, the largest electricity distribution company in Finland, operating an electricity distribution network of over 87,000km for over 680,000 customers.

6 ways to grow your super balance

  • 5

When it comes to superannuation, some Australians can have a ‘set and forget’ approach. Here, we look at 6 ways to actively grow your super balance, which can make a big difference to your retirement.

Learn about investing

  • 4

Super is an investment in your future. Becoming familiar with a few key investment principles can help you make sense of your investment choices and know how it ties in with your super balance.

12 benefits of super

  • 5

There are a number of benefits you can get from your superannuation if you're with the right fund for you, and you’re making sure it’s working for you as best as it can, both in your working life and in retirement.