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28 November 2022

Super Savings is a super solution that will help you and your clients manage their super from their very first day of work and throughout their retirement.

More flexible financial advice fee caps*

We’ve made advice fee arrangements easier and more accessible than ever through a Super Savings account. For example, the first time that advice is provided to a client with a balance of $100,000, a fee of up to $4,0002 can be paid from their account. After the first year, a 12-month rolling cap of $2,500 will apply to the balance. This cap applies to any combination of lump sum or monthly/ongoing fees. More information about our advice fees is available online.

Greater investment benefits

Through our size and scale, we’re able to offer competitive lower-cost index investment options (with no charge for buy/sell spreads). For a Super Savings member invested in the Balanced - Index option with a $100,000 balance the total fee is $342.40 each year (Balanced - Index total investment fees and costs ($110) + administration fees3 ($232.40) = $342.40).

Manage clients in one place through Adviser Online

Adviser Online allows you to easily manage your Super Savings clients online and includes data feed functionality. We’ve made it simple for you to implement advice for new members, including requesting retail insurance. The ‘Pending member’ feature in the Consolidate your super digital form means you can now set up a new account and have all forms signed in the initial meeting4.

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2 $2500 (2.5% * $100,000) + $1500 flat fee

* fee is inclusive of GST, subject to terms and conditions.

3 Administration fees $62.40 p.a. + 0.10% on the first $800,000 only plus 0.07% p.a.. A portion of the administration fees and costs are paid from the fund’s general reserve being 0.07%, which for a $100,000 balance equals $70 that is not deducted from members' accounts.

4 Please ensure you hold on to the rollover form and only submit once external cover has been established.