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Published - 31 May 2024

Australian Retirement Trust (ART) is one of Australia’s largest super funds. Over 2.3 million Australians trust us to take care of close to $300 billion of their retirement savings.

We use our size and scale to be a force for good to make our members’ world better, working with the community and seeking out investments to grow their savings and retirement income. Whether our members are just starting out their working life, already retired, or somewhere in between, we guide them to help make sure they feel secure and confident.

As an industry super fund open to all Australians, we don’t pay shareholders, which means we are focused on lower fees and can reinvest profits back to members as better value products and services.

We are a trusted fund across three channels:

Government Division:
Public Service employees

Public Offer Division:
Member Direct
Adviser channel
Small employers
Payroll partners

Corporate & Institutional:
Large employers
Medium employers

Formed through the merger of QSuper and Sunsuper in February 2022, we have the size, strength and scale that comes from being one of Australia’s largest super funds. We aim to use our size and scale to find and make a broad range of investments, drive down investment costs and do things smarter by bringing our administration capabilities together:

  • Profit for member
  • Largest self-administered super fund
  • 120+ corporate super plans
  • 270+ relationship managed super plans
  • Significant defined benefit provider
  • Diversified industry exposure
  • Significant gateway/clearing house provider

Our super experts deliver for members to and through retirement, as reflected in our 2022/23FY stats:

  • More than 2.5 million interactions (+10% YOY) across voice, email, live chat and administration
  • More than 213,000 members reached via our dedicated education seminars, across 4,300 touchpoints
  • More than 14,000 general advice interactions delivered via our contact centre
  • More than 1,000 translation & interpreting services, delivered to members who speak a language other than English
  • Customer Satisfaction rated 86%

At ART our integrated experience is deliberately different


- Communicating important information & needs

- Quality segmentation and analytics drive personalisation

- Nudge to take action

Learn more:

- Explore to understand more

- Evaluate options

- Play with calculators and tools

Simple & easy:

- Mix of automation and human interaction

- Personalised engagement replicated at all points of interaction

- Connected customer experience due to our integrated business

Listen and respond:

- Making sure we are listening to our members

- Understanding their emotions as they interact with us