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10% returns for our Balanced option

You'll be pleased to hear our Accumulation account's Balanced option has achieved an impressive return of 10% for the 2022-23 financial year. 1 And our Income account's Balanced option returned 11.1% for the financial year.

14 July 2023

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Summary of investment results

After another year of top performance, our Balanced option for Super Savings Accumulation accounts continues to consistently provide leading investment returns to members.

This investment option has delivered 8.4% per year over 10 years for Super Savings members.

These results are possible because of our focus on strong long-term investment returns.

We use our large size and economies of scale to find and make investments to grow our members’ super and make the most of their retirement income.

Making it through a tough year

ART Chief Investment Officer Ian Patrick says despite the pressure of inflation and rising interest rates, the 10% return for 2022-23 is an excellent outcome for members.

“Although the year has not been without challenges, Australian Retirement Trust’s diversified portfolios have proved resilient … with our Super Savings Balanced option among the best-performing in the country.”

Understanding our Balanced option

Our Balanced option and Balanced Pool, where the majority of our Super Savings members are invested, is designed to:

  • Strike a balance between growth and stability
  • Select a portfolio with a mix of assets, such as shares and bonds
  • Deliver long-term returns ahead of inflation
  • Effectively managing risks.

How different investments performed this year

In the past financial year, several significant events have put our investments to the test, such as changing interest rates and inflation, and government policies that affected global investment markets.

Shares were resilient, and delivered solid returns over the financial year.

For example, industries like hospitality and retail had lower investment performance than other years. Meanwhile, sectors like technology and healthcare performed well, because of increased demand for their products and services.

Our investment team looks ahead

As interest rates have continued to rise over the past year, global and domestic economic conditions are becoming increasingly a challenge.

But our investment team use their specialist skills and knowledge to get through these market conditions and achieve the best outcomes for members.

“It’s important to remember that super is a long-term investment,” says CIO Patrick.

“Our investment team’s expertise and experience means we can deliver solid and competitive investment returns to our members over the long term.”

Focusing on long-term investment returns

Investment returns can go up and down from year to year, but the key to financial success lies in strong long-term returns. Here’s why:

  1. Accumulating wealth

    By letting your super investments grow over time, you can benefit from the compounding effect.

    This compounding can substantially increase your wealth, resulting in a more comfortable retirement.

  2. Protect against inflation

    Inflation is when the price of goods and services goes up over time. When you get long-term investment returns that are higher than inflation, you can buy the same amount of goods and services, because your money keeps the same "purchasing power".

  3. Security in retirement

    Your superannuation is a key part of saving for your retirement. You can build a more secure financial future by choosing investment options like our Balanced option, which offers strong long-term returns.

  4. Diversify and manage risk

    Our Balanced option is a diversified portfolio, which means it invests your super in many different asset classes.

    This helps manage risk and increases the likelihood that you'll get stable returns over the long term.

CIO Patrick says, "As one of Australia's largest super funds, we place members' financial wellbeing in retirement at the centre of all that we do.

"We're exceptionally proud to be able to deliver one of the best performances for 2022-23 to our members."

Financial advice about investing

Talking with a professional financial adviser can help you understand your super and your needs, make informed decisions, and maximise your investment returns.

“At Australian Retirement Trust, we genuinely believe in the power of financial advice and the effect it can have on people’s lives,” says CIO Patrick.

“So we encourage people to speak to a financial adviser, to set themselves up for better retirement outcomes."

Ready for financial advice?

Your membership includes personal advice about your accounts with us. We're here to help you make the most of your super.2

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1. In 2022–23, our Super Savings Balanced option returned 10% for Accumulation accounts, 9.9% for the Lifecycle option's Balanced Pool, and 11.1% for Income accounts. Over 10 years, it returned 8.3% p.a. (Accumulation) and 8.7% (Income). The Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Balanced option has adopted the pre-merger investment strategy of the Sunsuper Balanced option. The industry median return for the SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index comprises the 50 largest investment options with a similar asset allocation to growth style assets between 60-76%. Source: SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, 31 March 2024. The Super Savings Balanced option has identical investments to the Balanced Pool in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy. Members invested in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy are invested 100% in the Balanced Pool until age 55. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investment returns are net of investment fees and costs and taxes (where applicable). Super Savings products issued by Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd (ABN 88 010 720 840, AFSL No. 228975) as trustee for Australian Retirement Trust (ABN 60 905 115 063). Consider the Super Savings product disclosure statements and TMDs before deciding.

2. Employees in the Australian Retirement Trust group provide advice to members and employers as representatives of Sunsuper Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 50 087 154 818 AFSL No. 227867) (SFS), that is wholly owned by the Trustee as an asset of Australian Retirement Trust. SFS is a separate legal entity responsible for the financial services it provides. Eligibility conditions apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide (FSG) for more information.