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Getting ready for your phone advice appointment

A financial adviser from Australian Retirement Trust will call you on the phone number you provided at your designated time.

What to expect from a financial advice appointment

You should set aside approximately one hour for the appointment. You and your Australian Retirement Trust financial adviser will talk over the phone about where you are now and where you see yourself when you stop working. Then you’ll learn about the things you can do now so you’re ready, no matter how close or far away your retirement might be.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to understand complicated numbers or to come up with the exact dollar amount you think you’ll need when you stop working. All you'll need is an idea about your goals and living costs. We’ll develop a plan specifically for you based on your desired retirement lifestyle.

After your appointment, you’ll receive a Statement of Advice with the adviser’s recommendations. It’ll be easy to understand – and put into action!


Your financial adviser will never ask 

  • How did you get into this mess?
  • You call THAT a savings account?
  • What have you been doing with your life?
  • How much did you spend on those shoes?

Your financial adviser may ask 

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What kind of work do you do?
  • Do you have a partner? Kids? Pets? Charities you support?
  • Have you got any thoughts on how you’d like to spend your retirement?

Your financial adviser will certainly ask 

  • How are you?
  • How can I help you?
  • Can you tell me a little about yourself?


Steps to prepare for your appointment

1. Identify your goals and dream retirement lifestyle.


If you don't have a picture of what the future looks like, it's going to be difficult to work towards it.


2. Please complete and return the client questionnaire document which is attached to the email confirming your appointment.


To prepare a personalised plan for you, your adviser needs to understand more about your financial situation.

Our obligations and responsibilities to you

Developing a financial plan specifically for you is something that we take very seriously.

Our Financial Services Guide (FSG) provides you with information about Sunsuper Financial Services Pty Ltd, and is designed to help you decide whether to use the financial advice services that it provides.

If you have a more complex financial situation or advice needs, we can refer you to an accredited external adviser. Before we refer you to an adviser, we ask ourselves, "Is this an adviser we’d trust with a loved one’s financial future?”


Talk to your financial adviser or contact Australian Retirement Trust

As an Australian Retirement Trust member, you can get advice from a qualified financial adviser over the phone. The cost of advice about your Australian Retirement Trust account is included with your membership.
Request a callback

Australian Retirement Trust has established a panel of accredited external financial advisers who are not employees of Australian Retirement Trust. Australian Retirement Trust is not responsible for the advice provided by these advisers and does not receive or pay any referral fees. These advisers will explain to you how their advice fees are determined.

Sunsuper Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 50 087 154 818 AFSL No. 227867) (SFS) is a separate legal entity responsible for the financial services it provides. Eligibility conditions apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide for more information.