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Manage your investments

How you invest your superannuation today can help you achieve your retirement dreams tomorrow.

Here’s some super smart tips to help you stay on top of your investments

  • Read your Annual statement and find out what’s been happening with your super fund during the previous financial year. You can check your super more regularly within Member Online or on the Australian Retirement Trust app*.
  • Check that your asset allocation is still right for your circumstances. As your savings grow, or if you decide to open and income account when you transition to retirement or retire, you may want to alter your investments to reflect your changing needs.
  • Read any investment commentary to see how economic events are affecting your investments.

  •  Review investment reports

    Take the time to learn more about investments

    Check out the Education hub to help you get wise on investing through super.

    Changing your investment options

    You can make changes to your investments via Member Online or on the Australian Retirement Trust app*. Once you’ve made your choice, you should review your investments regularly to be sure you stay on track to reach your goals.

    * The Australian Retirement Trust app is not available for all Australian Retirement Trust Corporate members.