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Estate planning (beneficiaries)

It's important to make sure both your super fund and your loved ones know who should receive your super when you die. You may need to update your beneficiaries after major life events such as marriage, divorce, or the death of a loved one.

Select a binding beneficiary

A binding death benefit nomination is legally binding, so your super should go to the person you choose.

Select your preferred beneficiary

This lets us know who you would like to receive your super, but is not legally binding. Find out more.

If you have an Income account

For an Income account, tell us who should get your pension payments (your reversionary beneficiary).

Make a death claim

If you expect to receive someone's death benefit, including their super and any insurance, please let us know.

Read our guide to death and super

Get the answers to questions like what happens to your super if you die, and the difference between a preferred, reversionary, or binding nomination for your loved ones. Telling us who should get your super gives your family more financial security.

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