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Changing jobs

You can keep your ART account when you change jobs, so you continue enjoying the benefits of being with the super fund you can trust. All you have to do is:

Send a pre-filled form

You can make your request in Member Online or use the ATO's form.

Letter of compliance

This letter confirms Australian Retirement Trust is a complying super fund.

Fund details

If you have a QSuper account, you will need the QSuper USI instead.

Fund name: Australian Retirement Trust (Super Savings)

ABN: 60 905 115 063

USI (USI replaces SPIN): 60 905 115 063 003

Phone: 13 11 84

Fund address: GPO Box 2924, Brisbane QLD 4001

Member number: Find your member number

Should I stay with ART when I move jobs?

When you keep your ART account as your main account for growing your super, you'll enjoy our award-winning products and focus on strong long-term returns. Find out more about our other benefits.

Why should I stay with ART

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