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Super simplify your forms with DocuSign

10 Nov 2023

Adviser Online DocuSign and effortless form submission - now live!

We care about the experience you have with your clients. So, we’re proud to announce our Adviser Online and DocuSign integration, making admin quick and easy. Our latest uplifts also allow you to sequence and submit multiple forms at the same time, across all digital forms (including Membership application, and Authority to access info), and on almost all non-digital forms.

Multiple forms, one envelope, your preferred order

  • Submit multiple forms in one envelope, and tell us the order you want them to be processed. This will create multiple forms in one DocuSign envelope to your client.

Email confirmation

  • Adviser Online will send you an email once your request is complete or if Adviser Online has detected any issues processing your forms.

But wait. There’s more...

  • If DocuSign has expired before your client signed, we can roll digital forms back to Adviser Online so that you can resend them to your client.

Want to change an instruction on a digital form?

  • You can edit digital forms right up until the point of requesting Adviser Online to submit them. And if you submit them, and want to change an instruction, give us a call and we can roll them back to your Adviser Online.

To learn more

  • View a recorded demonstration here, check out our Adviser Online User Guide here, or book in a training session with one of our specialists here.

These changes underline our commitment to working with financial advisers. They’re a precursor to future enhancements that will help you provide more members with financial advice and a better retirement.