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Fees and costs in your Super Savings Accumulation account

As a profit for members fund, we strive to keep our fees and costs low so we can pass on the savings to you.

An administration fee will come out of your Super Savings Accumulation account to cover our administration costs and like most super funds, an investment fee (depending on your investment option) will apply.

Accumulation account administration fees

Members pay a low administration fee of just $1.50 per week plus 0.10% p.a. for the first $800,000 of their account balance - with our administration fee among the lowest in the industry.

For balances under $6,000 a maximum 3%1 fee cap applies to all Australian Retirement Trust accounts, inclusive of administration fees, investment fees and indirect costs.

Fee calculator

Use our calculator to get an approximation of the administration fees and costs you'll pay.
The calculator does not include the 3% cap for account balances less than $6,000. Please note that the Administration fee calculator does not include investment fees and indirect costs in its assumption, as this is dependent on how your superannuation is invested.

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Fees and costs at a glance

The full range of fees and costs associated with an investment in Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Accumulation accounts are set out below:

Type of fee Amount How and when paid
Investment fee1 For the Lifecycle Investment Strategy: Estimated base fee of 0.22% p.a. - 0.24% p.a.2,7 plus estimated performance-related fee of 0.03% p.a.2,7, a total of 0.25% p.a. - 0.27% p.a.2,7 of your account balance.

For Australian Retirement Trust's other investment options: Estimated base fee of between 0.07% p.a.2 and 0.27% p.a.2 plus estimated performance-related fee of between 0.00% p.a.2 and 0.08% p.a.2 of your account balance.  
Deducted daily from the investment option(s) as part of the calculation of daily unit prices.
Administration fee1

 $1.50per week plus 0.10% p.a. for the first $800,000 of your account balance only.
(If your Accumulation account balance is over $800,000 a nil percent Administration fee applies to the balance over $800,000)
Generally deducted from your account balance weekly.3, 8

Buy-sell spread Nil
Switching fee Nil n/a
Advice fees
Relating to all members investing in Super Savings investment options
Nil4 n/a
Other fees and costs Refer to the Additional explanation of fees and costs in this guide. For insurance fees refer to the Super Savings Insurance guide.5
Indirect cost ratio1

For the Lifecycle Investment Strategy: 0.66% p.a. to 0.73% p.a.6,7

For Australian Retirement Trust’s other investment options: 0.00% p.a. to 2.83% p.a.6
Not charged by Australian Retirement Trust, but instead incurred within underlying investments and deducted from investment returns prior to calculation of daily unit prices.

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