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Test your inner investor

Find out what sort of investor you are and which of Australian Retirement Trust’s investment options may suit you.

Get ready to discover what sort of investor you are

Even 1% extra investment return each year over 35 years could increase your retirement benefit by over 20%. Making a change to increase the level of growth assets in your super can also increase the volatility of your fund. Everyone’s situation is different and you may need some advice. The investor needs score categories are examples only of possible investor needs.

There are many factors that impact on personal circumstances that should be considered before making investment decisions. Explore the outcomes for different responses to these questions. Your total score will correspond to one of four investor needs categories which provide a guide as to which investment option(s) you may select.

If you’re an Australian Retirement Trust member, you can find out how your super is invested or make a choice to switch your investment options by logging into Member Online or through the Australian Retirement Trust app.

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