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Access your super

The aim of your super savings is to fund your retirement, so you normally can’t access it until you’ve reached your preservation age. However, there are certain situations where you may be eligible to withdraw your super early.

Generally, you’re able to access your super when you've reached:

  • your preservation age and have permanently retired from work
  • your preservation age and take a transition to retirement income stream
  • 60 and have ceased working in an employment arrangement
  • 65 years old (it doesn't matter if you've retired)

Your super may also be accessed by your beneficiaries after you’ve died.

Get regular income payments

Once you reach your preservation age, you can set up an Income account, which lets you receive regular income payments while the rest of your super remains invested. Learn more about our Income accounts.

Lump sum withdrawals

If eligible, you can request to withdraw a lump sum from your super account in Member Online.

Accessing your super early

Super benefits may also be paid if you:

  • have a terminal medical condition
  • are permanently incapacitated
  • are a temporary resident permanently leaving Australia
  • meet the criteria to access your super on compassionate grounds.

Help and advice

Before you withdraw your super, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand all your options and the many great benefits of being an Australian Retirement Trust member.

Making the decision to access your super is a big one, so it's wise to get advice before withdrawing it. We can talk you through all the pros and cons. Just call 13 11 84.