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Super Savings – Business

Super Savings – Business is a MySuper-authorised product that offers salary-based insurance through your employer. This product is only available to members through their employer.

Your employer will provide you with a Super Savings – Business Plan information factsheet that outlines the insurance cover available to eligible employees. For more information visit your employer’s Australian Retirement Trust microsite.

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Guides:

 Super Savings – Business Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation Account

A summary of the important information you need about your Australian Retirement Trust account, including membership application form, insurance and fees. 

 Super Savings Product Disclosure Statement for Income Account and Lifetime Pension

A summary of the features, benefits, and risks before opening one of our retirement products.

 Super Savings Accumulation Guide 

Important information about how superannuation works and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account.

 Super Savings – Business Insurance Guide

Details of the insurance options available to you.

 Super Savings Investment Guide 

Details of the investment options available to you, and information on determining your investor needs.

Super Savings – Business forms

SSB – Consolidate Your Super form 
SSB – Change of insurance - obtain from your employer’s Super Savings – Business microsite
SSB – Transfer of insurance 
SSB – Insurance variation
SSB - Personal health summary - use this form if your Standard cover has been restricted to the Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL)

Important PDS updates

We also provide a summary of significant event and material change notifications issued to members for the past two years.