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The following documents provide information on the governance and operation of Australian Retirement Trust.

Disclosure Documents

Financial Reports and Statements

  Annual reports - Annual reports are issued in respect of each financial year. The previous year's Annual Report will be available in November.

  Australian Retirement Trust - Annual Financial Statement - Annual Financial Reports are produced in respect of each financial year.

  Sunsuper Superannuation Fund - Annual Financial Statement  - Annual Financial Statements are produced in respect of each financial year.

  Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd - Annual Financial Statement  - Annual Financial Statements are produced in respect of each financial year. 

  You can view QSuper Superannuation Fund (now known as Australian Retirement Trust) reports here. 

Download Key persons – Our board

Download Key persons – Our executive team

Records and Registers

Download Record of Board Meeting Attendance

Download Record of Committee Meeting Attendance

Download Summary of proxy voting outcomes for the last financial year

Download Material outsourced providers

Download Relevant Duties and Relevant Interests Register

Download Director & Executive Remuneration Report


Download Sustainable Investment policy (includes proxy voting policies)

Download Conflicts Management Policy

Governing Documents

Download Constitution of Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd

Download Trust Deed of Australian Retirement Trust

Download Participation Deed and Participation Schedule

Download Trust Deed of the Sunsuper Pooled Superannuation Trust

Other Documents

Retirement Income Strategy