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What is Sunsuper called now?

Sunsuper is now Australian Retirement Trust

What is Sunsuper called now?

Sunsuper is now Australian Retirement Trust

What happened to Sunsuper?

In 2022, Sunsuper merged with QSuper to become one super fund, called Australian Retirement Trust.

We may be new, but we're already one of the largest super funds, with 2.4 million members.

Together, we have 140 years of combined experience. This means we know the market trends – and it shows. Check out our performance and our award-winning track record.

And being a new fund means we're not afraid to do things differently. Find out more reasons to choose Australian Retirement Trust.

Other FAQs about Sunsuper and Australian Retirement Trust

Not quite – Sunsuper is actually now Australian Retirement Trust. Australian Retirement Fund was a different super fund that no longer exists (because it merged with the Superannuation Trust of Australia back in 2005).

Australian Retirement Trust is a new super fund for all Australians, and it's already one of the largest. Find out why 2.4 million Aussies have chosen us.

Sunsuper merged with QSuper in 2022, which means we became one super fund.

As part of Australian Retirement Trust, QSuper mainly has Queensland Government employees as members, but you can open a QSuper account if you are eligible family of an existing QSuper member. Find out more.

If you used to be a Sunsuper member, you are now a member of Australian Retirement Trust (ART), one of the largest super funds in the country. We can give you all the benefits of a big fund, while being new enough to do things differently.

If you're not already an ART member, find out why you might enjoy it here.

Sunsuper is now Australian Retirement Trust, and we're still a profit-for-members super fund. This means we're committed to returning profits to members as lower fees and better services.

Australian Retirement Trust is a new super fund, and it's already one of the largest. We started in 2022 when Sunsuper and QSuper merged to become one fund.

We've done some pretty exciting things since we started – like lowering our admin fees from 1 July 2022, from $1.50 per week to $1.20 per week (plus 0.10% p.a. and 0.07% p.a. from the general reserves – see the full details here). We're also helping more people enjoy an income for life with the QSuper Lifetime Pension, and continuing to focus on strong performance.

If you were a Sunsuper member, you can still log in to your account using the same login details as before, in Member Online for Australian Retirement Trust.

Log in now, or reset your login details if you've forgotten them.

If you're an employer who used to pay super to Sunsuper, you can still log in to Employer Online using the same login details. And you can reset your login details if you need to.

Yes, we are an APRA-regulated super fund. For more information, see our fund details, such as ABN and USI, or read our Financial Services Guide, or product disclosure statement.

Nobody took over Sunsuper – we were in talks with QSuper for 2 years about joining forces, and in 2022, we merged to become one super fund: Australian Retirement Trust.

Got more questions about the merger?

If you liked Sunsuper, you'll love Australian Retirement Trust

We're so much bigger than we used to be – with all the benefits Sunsuper used to offer, and more.

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Our Balanced option returned 9.0% over 10 years to June 2022.

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We're committed to returning profits to members as lower fees and better services.

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