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Transferring Australian super to New Zealand

You may be eligible to transfer your super between Australian and New Zealand super funds. Deciding to transfer is up to you and you can choose to keep your super in your Super Savings account.

Deciding to accept transfers is up to each super fund. Currently Australian Retirement Trust does not accept transfers from New Zealand funds, however, Australian Retirement Trust will transfer your super account to your chosen New Zealand fund provided they will accept the transfer.

To transfer your Australian Retirement Trust super savings to your KiwiSaver you must:

  • Have moved to New Zealand permanently. You will need a signed Australian or New Zealand statutory declaration stating you moved permanently to New Zealand, plus proof you live at a New Zealand address.
  • Provide us with details of your open KiwiSaver account, including the account number (remember, your chosen KiwiSaver provider must be willing to accept the transfer).

Other conditions that apply to Australian super transferred to New Zealand include:

  • Only the whole balance of your super can be transferred to a KiwiSaver scheme (no part transfers).
  • Pension accounts cannot be transferred, however you may transfer your pension to an Australian Retirement Trust Accumulation account and then move that account to a KiwiSaver scheme.
  • Accounts that contain an untaxed element cannot be transferred.
  • Defined benefit accounts cannot be transferred, except for any accumulation component that a defined benefit account may have.
  • Funds may only be transferred between a complying super fund regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and a New Zealand KiwiSaver scheme.

Once the balance has been transferred to your KiwiSaver scheme, it is generally subject to New Zealand's retirement savings rules. However, there are some specific rules that apply to money transferred from an Australian super fund. For example, Australian-sourced savings held in KiwiSaver schemes:

  • Cannot be used to purchase your first home;
  • Cannot be moved to a third country;
  • Can be accessed when you reach 60 years of age and satisfy the Australian definition of retirement’ at that age.

How can I prove my identity?

Before we are able to transfer your account, we need to be certain that it is you asking for the money. To do this we will ask you to provide certified identification.

If you are getting your identification certified in New Zealand, the below certifiers will be accepted:

  • Australian consular officer
  • Australian diplomatic officer
  • police officer of an New Zealand force
  • notary public
  • judge of a court or magistrate in an New Zealand jurisdiction
  • international Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • registrar or deputy registrar of a court
  • commissioner of oaths

Please see our proof of identity requirements for a list of acceptable identity documents.

Make an application

To apply to transfer your super account download the Transfer to a KiwiSaver account form.

For more information on transferring Australian super to New Zealand under the Trans-Tasman Portability Scheme, call us on 13 11 84.