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Leaving Australia for good?

If you're a temporary resident, you can claim your superannuation when you leave. If you earned super while living and working in Australia, you can apply to have your super paid out as a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) when you leave.

Criteria to claim your superannuation from Australia (DASP)

You CAN withdraw your super if:
  • You earned superannuation while working in Australia on a temporary resident visa
  • Your visa has expired or been cancelled
  • You've left Australia
You CAN'T claim DASP if:
  • You are a permanent resident of Australia
  • You are an Australian or New Zealand citizen

How to withdraw super after leaving Australia

You can claim your super by following these steps.


Have the following details ready

  • Passport number
  • Visa information
  • Certified copies of your proof of ID documents
  • Bank account details (Australian or international)
  • Superannuation account details (our ABN is 60 905 115 063)
  • Australian tax file number (optional)

Submit online with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

On the ATO website, use their online form to apply for your super through the DASP system.

ATO online application form

We'll process your request

We aim to pay you within 20 days of receiving your form and documents from the ATO.

FAQs about the DASP online application

Want to know more about the DASP superannuation withdrawal rules? Read these frequently asked questions, or contact us anytime.

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How much tax you'll pay depends on the type of visa you had and if you have already paid tax on your super.

We will charge your tax and send to the ATO before we send your super to you.

The tax rates below are current on the ATO website as of 2 August 2023:

Payment component DASP ordinary tax rate (non-working holiday maker) DASP working holiday maker tax rate (417 working holiday visa, 462 work and holiday visa, etc.)
Tax-free component No tax No tax
Taxable component – taxed element 35% 65%
Taxable component – untaxed element 45% 65%

You should receive a DASP payment summary from your super fund within 14 days of getting the payment. This summary shows how much tax you paid and how much money you received.

You can only apply for your DASP after you've left Australia. But you can get a head start on your application before you leave Australia, by gathering any documents you need.

If you don't claim your super within 6 months of leaving Australia, or within 6 months of your visa ending, we have to send your super to the ATO.

If this happens, you'll need to contact the ATO to make a claim.

You should receive your DASP payment within 20 days, once we've received your application.

It may take longer if we need have to contact you to ask some questions or ask for more documents.

If you’re a New Zealand citizen leaving Australia permanently, you should be able to transfer your super to a KiwiSaver account.

This is called the Trans-Tasman Retirement Savings Portability scheme. Find out more.

Claim your super

Check your super balance online, so that you're ready to fill in the ATO's DASP form.

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