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Our new Investment options

Published - 23 April 2024

How members choose to invest their super can have a big impact on the amount they have to spend in retirement. Our size means we can access a wide range of local, national and global investment opportunities members might not find anywhere else. A key benefit following the merger of Sunsuper and QSuper to form Australian Retirement Trust (ART), is the new investment option menu, designed to help members retire well with confidence

Available from 1 July this year, all ART members will have access to the new, updated suite of investment options that continues to reflect our focus on achieving strong long-term investment returns for members.

What’s changing: Lifecycle Investment Strategy from 1 July 2024

The Lifecycle Investment Strategy remains our default (MySuper) option for Super savings Accumulation account holders. We’re making some changes to this option so that members who invest in Lifecycle will keep more of their money in growth assets (such as shares) for longer.

What’s changing: Choice options from 1 July 2024

We’re adding 2 new investment options to our investment menu, 5 current investment options are closing, 5 investment options are being renamed, and we are updating the asset allocation of several options.

What this means for our members

Most members will remain in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy option. Current investment choices will be automatically transferred into the new investment options. In some cases, this may mean no change, or just a change of name.

Where current investment options are closing, the account balance on 1 July in those options will be automatically switched to the most similar new option(s) available, taking into account the objective, risk level or asset allocation for the option(s). Future contributions will also be automatically switched to the new option(s).

Members can see which option(s), if any, their investments will be switched to by using the change tool on our website. Here you can also find an overview of the changes and answers to some FAQs.

We sent members a Product Update in March which outlines the general investment changes and are sending more tailored Product Updates this month (May) with information about the specific changes (if any) to their investments.