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Australian Retirement Trust publishes investment portfolio holdings

Media release - 31 March 2022

Australian Retirement Trust, the $230 billion dollar superannuation fund formed by the recent merger of QSuper and Sunsuper, has today published its portfolio holdings as at 31 December 2021.

Australian Retirement Trust Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Reilly, said the fund welcomes any measure that improves transparency across the sector and encourages Australians to engage with their super.

"Acting in our members’ best financial interests is our key priority, so we’re committed to improving the level and format of our disclosures to continue to be transparent with members," said Mr Reilly.

"Australian Retirement Trust’s members can rest assured their retirement savings are in excellent hands – our experienced investment team have a track record of managing our investment portfolios to deliver strong, long-term investment returns.

“We know members are increasingly interested in where their super is invested, in 2020/21 alone we had nearly 30,000 conversations with members related to investments.

“Previously we have answered member enquiries about our portfolio holdings individually but now members have the opportunity to self-serve on our websites,” said Mr Reilly.

“We recognise there is more to be done, but this is an important first step. Going forward, we’ll update our portfolio holdings disclosures at 30 June and 31 December each year in line with the requirements of the law, with additional information to help members better understand how we invest their super savings.”

Australian Retirement Trust recently confirmed it had divested its portfolio’s limited Russian holdings.

“When looking at the disclosures it is important to note that there have been significant changes in the market over the last three months. For example, on 1 March we instructed our investment managers to sell any remaining debt and equity investments and not to make any new investments in either Russia or Belarus.”

Portfolio holdings for each investment option at 31 December 2021 are now available at for Super Savings account options and for QSuper account options.