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Binding beneficiary

Take a moment now to ensure the right person gets your super if anything were to happen to you

The best way to ensure that your super and any insurance benefits are paid to who you intend is to nominate a binding beneficiary.

A binding nomination legally ‘binds’ the Australian Retirement Trust Trustee to pay your death benefit to who you nominate. Plus having a valid binding nomination reduces claim processing time.

3 Steps to nominate a binding beneficiary

1. Ensure you have all the details

A binding nomination is valid for 3 years and you can only nominate a dependant and/or a legal personal representative.

Learn more about nominating a beneficiary

2. Complete the form

You’ll need two witnesses to sign and date the form on the same day you do.

Download the Binding death benefit nomination form.

3.Return the form

Please return your completed and signed form by email:

OR by post to:

Australian Retirement Trust
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