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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Australian Retirement Trust Rewards?

Australian Retirement Trust Rewards is Australian Retirement Trust’s member rewards program. 

How is Australian Retirement Trust paying for rewards? Is it being funded by my super funds?

We have partnered with companies across Australia to give Australian Retirement Trust members access to deals and discounts. We don’t buy these on your behalf; we just negotiate for you and deliver you the potential savings!

How do I earn rewards? Is this a points based system?

Rewards is to reward you for being an Australian Retirement Trust member; someone who is aiming to make their dreams more than dreams! You don’t need to earn points to earn the rewards, so you can concentrate on achieving your retirement dreams.

How long will different rewards be available?

The length of each offer varies. Some are offers that you need to be quick to get! It’s best to check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out. The availability, terms and conditions for each reward are determined by the company making the offer.

How do I claim my rewards?

To claim rewards head to and find the reward you want. Follow the instructions within that reward to redeem. Some may be via an online ticket system, some may be a printable voucher or by calling the company.

What do I do if I am having trouble accessing a reward?

Most rewards include a direct number for the company making the offer for you to call. These details will be included on the reward details page. If you are unable to contact the company you can contact Australian Retirement Trust using the contact form.

Is this just for Australian Retirement Trust members?

Yes! We want to reward you for striving to achieve your retirement dreams with Australian Retirement Trust.

Can I give rewards to other people?

As long as the reward is redeemed by an Australian Retirement Trust member we encourage you to share the dream! 

If I print a reward voucher, can I access it again (to print a new copy, for example)?

Most vouchers can be easily reprinted via their reward page on the rewards site. However most can only be redeemed once in store.

Why are none of these rewards directly related to my super account?

We hope that by saving on some of your everyday dreams now we can help you achieve your retirement dreams later. We encourage you to use your reward savings to contribute to your super account.

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