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Potential partnership discussions between Sunsuper and QSuper

Media release - 5 November 2019

You may have noticed a story running in the media recently about a possible partnership between Sunsuper and QSuper.  

It is not uncommon from time-to-time for Sunsuper to explore opportunities with other super funds where the result of a partnership would be of benefit to you, our members, and we can confirm that we have entered into very early discussions with QSuper about a possible alliance.  

Whether the conversation with QSuper proceeds beyond preliminary discussions is dependent on many factors. This would include the capacity of the partnership to generate greater economies of scale that would ultimately create better value for you, our members, in the form of enhanced products and services and more competitive fees. 

While the discussions are ongoing, you can rest assured that, as stewards of your hard earned retirement savings, it is business as usual at Sunsuper. As a profit-for-members fund, we have an obligation to always act in your best interests and we see it as a privilege to serve the 1.4 million Australians, like you, who trust us with their super savings. We will keep you informed of any material decisions that may impact you as a result of these discussions. 

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.