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Online searches for superannuation double in four years

Media release - 14 August 2023

Australians are heading online to learn about superannuation like never before, with searches relating to superannuation as much as doubling over the last four years.

Data analysed by one of the nation’s largest super funds, Australian Retirement Trust (ART), shows there’s been nearly twice as many Google searches for ‘superannuation Australia’ this year compared to the same length of time in 2019.

ART’s Acting Chief of Retirement, Anne Fuchs, said it’s a clear sign Australians are wanting to know more about super.

“The reality is many Australians don’t know a lot about superannuation, which is concerning given it is likely their biggest, or second biggest financial asset,” Ms Fuchs said.

“This Google search data clearly shows people want to be more informed about super, but Google may not be your best option when you can access so much free information and education directly through your super fund.

“At Australian Retirement Trust, financial advice about your super is included as part of your membership so there’s no additional cost, and that would be my biggest message to people is to seek out advice.

“It’s important to remember that super is a long-term investment, so you should make sure you are getting the right advice for the long-term.”

Ms Fuchs said Google searches for most super related topics had been trending upwards since 2019.

“The search data shows interest in superannuation is increasing rapidly,” she said.

“The most common search is ‘super Australia’, which was searched on average just over 234,000 times per month in the last half of 2019, compared to more than 334,000 times per month in the first half of this year.

“We’ve also seen the search for ‘superannuation’ go from just over 42,000 per month to almost 60,000 per month, and ‘superannuation Australia’ more than double from about 23,000 per month to 48,000 per month.

“The other one that really stands out is searches for ‘what is superannuation’, which have jumped from 2,966 searches per month to 4,466 per month over that same time period.”

Ms Fuchs said while it is encouraging to see more Australian’s engaging with their super, it’s important Australians are getting the right advice before making any decisions that could impact their retirement savings.

“Your superannuation account is likely your single biggest asset outside of the family home, so making informed decisions is crucial for your retirement.

“People in their 20s and 30s might be thinking, ‘I’m not retiring for 40 years so it doesn’t matter’, but they need to know that the decisions they make now will greatly impact their retirement.”