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Boost your skills in 2024 with ART Rewards

Published - 25 January 2024

As an ART member, you can access exclusive discounts on select university short courses through ART Rewards! Whether you’re working your way to your dream job or thinking about changing careers later in life, you can learn handy new skills no matter your age or skill level.

With rising cost of living, self-education expenses may seem like a luxury, but don’t forget if the expenses are directly related to your job, you may be able to claim them as a tax deduction.

Also, the rapid rise of technology and new ways of working across industries means it’s important to continually update your skills to stay competitive and relevant in the job market. A little investment in yourself now could pay off in the future.

Learning new skills across a range of disciplines helps you get future-fit and opens doors to better career opportunities.

What offers are available?

Courses range from creative industries and languages to project management and IT. Based on your individual and professional interests, and whether you thrive better in a virtual or in-person environment, there are different study formats available to help you stay flexible.

Save up to 25% off QUTeX (Queensland University of Technology) selected short courses and professional development programs. Combining problem-based theory and practice with blended learning, QUTeX helps you solve workplace challenges while you study, so you can apply your skills straight away to the real world.

Strategic IT-Enabled Innovation1

This transformational program helps you build the skills to design, create and deliver high-value, customer-focussed, IT-enabled business solutions.

Delivered: online, self-paced learning.
Cost: from $264 (excluding discount).
Length: 20 hours.

Claim 10% off at University of Sydney’s Centre for Education (CCE). Delivered by industry experts, learn the latest tools, tips and techniques from constantly evolving courses designed to keep pace with today’s changing job market. CCE will help you learn skills, gain new insights, and discover untapped creativity, at whatever your stage of life. CCE also offers tailored training solutions.

Agile Project Management Course: Introduction2

Agile is a strategy that is proving to be very effective in project work of all kinds. What began as a product development and then IT approach, is now being used broadly across all business projects.

Delivered: face-to-face on campus learning (CCE Building, Newtown).
Cost: $750-800 (excluding discount)
Length: 1 session, 8 hours in total

Receive 15% off UTS Open’s (University of Technology Sydney’s) short courses and microcredentials. UTS Enterprise Learning will equip you with the tools, skills and techniques you need to stay ahead of industry trends. Delivering education that’s aligned with organisational strategy and informed by industry and academic experts, you are empowered to explore your potential.

Practising Inclusion: Working and Teaching for Social Justice3

Learn to build inclusive practices in higher education environments by deepening your understanding of diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion.

Delivered: online, scheduled sessions
Cost: $1,227 (excluding discount)
Length: 6 weeks, average 12 hrs a week

How do I sign up?

  1. Log in to the ART app or Member Online.
  2. Go to Rewards and select QUTeX, University of Sydney or UTS Open.
  3. Follow the instructions to claim the discount. This may be in the form of a code or a special link to check out.
  4. Got questions about your rewards? Read our FAQs here.

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