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ART doubles up on double-digit investment returns in High Growth option

Media release - 30 June 2024

Australian Retirement Trust (ART), one of Australia’s largest super funds, has delivered an 11.3% return for its ART High Growth option for the 2023/24 financial year.

It’s the second year in a row ART has delivered double digit returns for the option, cementing its place as the highest performing investment option in the SuperRatings SR50 Growth Index, ranking number 1 over the last 10 years as at 31 May 2024.

ART Chief Investment Officer, Ian Patrick said the fund is exceptionally proud to deliver another year of strong results for its members.

“Strong global and local equities have been the primary driver for our performance this year. We’ve seen robust and consistent outperformance across the board.

“After decades of low interest rates and a challenging outlook for long-term super returns, we now face an environment where the outlook is more constructive for delivering on real return targets for members. Of course nothing is certain, but there is some comfort to take from this.”

Mr Patrick said as a profit-for-members fund, ART’s investment team strives to deliver superior risk adjusted outcomes for its 2.3 million members, so they can retire well with confidence.

“Super is the longest-term investment many of us are going to have. Our investment team takes this responsibility seriously and aims to set the fund up for success,” he said.

“In more good news for members, we launch our streamlined suite of choice investment options from 1 July. This will give them freedom to awaken their super by choosing from 15 carefully constructed choice investment options that cover a broad range of objectives and investment timeframes to meet their goals and life stages.

"For members under the age of 50 who don’t make a choice, we will invest them into a MySuper investment strategy that is equivalent to the ART High Growth option. This will mean over 1.4 million ART members will be transitioned into what has been our strongest performing strategy over the past 10 years.

“We believe in the power of financial advice and encourage Australians to seek advice before making changes to their investment decisions. For Australian Retirement Trust members, they can access advice as part of their membership.”

Returns for other ART options are available on our websites and