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Income Protection claims

Whether due to injury or illness, being unable to work can be a difficult and uncertain time. We're here to help you through the process of making an Income Protection claim so that your claim is processed in a timely manner. 

What is an Income Protection claim?

An Income Protection claim is a request for a monthly benefit payment where you become temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury.

How to make an Income Protection claim?

If you believe you may be eligible to claim an Income Protection benefit, there are three steps that you need to complete to submit an Income Protection claim.

1. Contact us on 13 11 84

We're here to help at no cost to you. So start by contacting us. One of our experienced Claims Representatives will guide you through the process of making an Income Protection claim. The Claims Representative will:
  • confirm the details of your Australian Retirement Trust membership, including member number and date of birth, and provide details of your current account balance and insurance cover,
  • ask you for details about your injury or illness, the date your injury first occurred or your illness first presented, the date and detail about your diagnosis, details about your work status, the date you last worked and the hours you worked per week leading up to your injury or illness,
  • explain the information you need to provide for the claim to be assessed, and
  • provide any claim forms (known as a ‘claims pack’) you need to complete, or, if you’re eligible, a link to eClaims to lodge your claim.

2. Provide necessary information

Completing your Income Protection claim application form is an important step in the claim process. The details and evidence you provide will form the basis upon which the Insurer makes their decision. Providing us with all the information we require and completing your forms correctly will speed up your claims process.

If information is missing or incomplete, we will need to contact you to ask for it, which will delay your claim.

Certified proof of your identity

You must provide certified proof of your identity (for example, a certified copy of your driver’s licence or passport).

Why? For security purposes we need to be sure of the identity of the individual who is submitting the claim. Understandably, you won’t want to send us your original documents, so we ask that you have a copy certified by an authorised person.

Tip: See the Proof of Identity Requirements section in the claims guide for information on what forms of ID are suitable and how to have a copy certified.

3. Complete and return your completed Income Protection claim documents

The claims pack we send you contains important information about what you need to do, and what we need from you. Please take some time to carefully read this information and gather all the information and documents required. You will need to answer several questions and provide us with additional information. Completing the claim form is an important step in this process; the details and evidence you provide will form the basis upon which the Insurer makes their decision in regards to your claim. We recognise that this may be a daunting task and our Claims Representatives are here to help you every step of the way.

Australian Retirement Trust has introduced an online claims tool that allows claims to be lodged electronically. The eClaims tool lets members lodge and monitor their claims online. It also provides third parties (i.e. employers and doctors) with the capability to complete and submit claim information directly online for the insurer to assess. It’s designed to help simplify the process and reduce the time taken to finalise the claim.

Please call us as soon as you are able to on 13 11 84, if you would like help making a claim or have any questions.

For more information on making an Income Protection claim, refer to the Super Savings Insurance Claims guide - Income Protection.