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Client authorisation & digital consent

Australian Retirement Trust needs to obtain authorisation from your client (our member) before processing the transaction.

Once you’ve finalised the transaction details, you’ll then need to request authorisation from your client. In most cases, you’ll be prompted to select the most appropriate method to collect client authorisation.

  1. Digital approval, or
  2. Signed approval.

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 Digital approval

 Step-by-step guide to Digital Approval

  • Email example
  • SMS example

 What will I see if my client declines the transaction?

 Signed approval

Digital Approval

Australian Retirement Trust’s Digital Forms, found under the Start transaction tab, can be digitally approved. The Digital Approval functionality allows you to collect authorisation from your client without them having to come into your office. It’s intended to make it easier for advisers and members to interact with us – no fuss and no paper forms!

  • Track transaction progress from start to finish
  • View number and details of pending approval requests
  • View reasons for any declined requests
  • Members only need a verified email and mobile number
  • Members can do it all online – no more paper and fewer meetings
  • Members have unlimited log ins to review and approve transaction within seven days.

Digital Approval is only available for these seven transactions:

  • Advice fee request
  • Super Savings Consolidate your super
  • Income payment maintenance
  • Investment choice
  • Income account request (existing members only)
  • Restart my Income account
  • Data feed consent
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Step-by-step guide to Digital Approval

  1. After you’ve met your client and provided a Statement of Advice, please discuss the digital approval process with your client and check their email and mobile have been verified with Australian Retirement Trust.
  2. Adviser navigates back to transaction (or transactions) with Adviser Online, finalises transaction details and requests member authorisation using Digital approval.
  3. You’ll be prompted to generate the PDF. You will receive a warning that advises you that no changes can be made on the form. If you need to make alteration, you will need to start the process again.

Client authorisation generate a PDF

4. You’ll be prompted to confirm declarations.

Client authorisation declarations

Digital authoriation review and submit

5. Member receives an email and SMS with a link to approve the request.

Email example

Client authorisation email

SMS example

"Hi. Your adviser submitted a request for your approval. Go to & follow the prompts. Questions? Call 13 11 84"

6. Member clicks on the link, your pending requests via the email, or if via the SMS and enters their mobile number or email address, and date of birth. A One Time Pin is sent to them either on their mobile or email. Client enters One Time Pin into site.

Client authorisation pending approvals

Client authorisation enter 6 digit code

7. Member will see a screen with all transactions that they need to authorise. Depending on the number of transactions the client has to approve, they may need to navigate back to ‘Your pending requests’ screen after reviewing each transaction.

Client authorisation verification

8. Member reviews the transaction, including disclaimers.

Client authorisation approve agreement


9. Member approves or declines the approval request

Client authorisation approval


Client authorisation approval received

10. The approved transaction is sent to Australian Retirement Trust to process.

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What will I see if my client declines the transaction?

A client may choose to decline a transaction for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Wrong information captured
  • I don’t want to proceed anymore / change of mind
  • Never authorised / I don’t know what the request is for
  • Other.

Clients can always add additional comments when declining the request.

Click on the ID number.

And then clicking into the Request ID link shows decline reasons at the top.

Client authorisation reason for decline


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Signed Approval

Australian Retirement Trust’s Digital Forms can be approved by receiving Signed Approval. Digital Forms found in Adviser Online > Start transactions can be a wet signature or digital signature via Adobe Sign or DocuSign. If using a digital signature, please ensure you provide us with the available audit trails.

  1. Navigate back to transaction within Adviser Online, finalise transaction details and go to the authorisation step of the process.
  2. You'll be prompted to generate the PDF. You will receive a warning that tells you that no changes can be made on the form. If you need to alter the form, you will need to start the process again. 

Client authorisation sign PDF form


3. If the client is with you, print the form and have the client sign and date.

4. Once the form is signed and dated, you may need to navigate back to Manage Transactions and select Incomplete Transactions.

Click on the relevant request ID

5. Scan the document and then upload in section 2. Enter a description for your records. Click Attach.

5a. For some forms, you will need to attach clear, client identification, download the Product Disclosure Statement and complete the acknowledgements. Click Save & Next.

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