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How do I access my statement?

Generally, members will be start to receive their Annual Statement from early September through to late November.

View your annual statement online

If you receive your communications digitally, including your Annual Statement, you'll receive an email to let you know when it's ready to access. Once it's available, log into Member Online or the Australian Retirement Trust app and download a PDF copy of your statement. If you haven't set up your online account, you can register for online access and download the Australian Retirement Trust app.

If you'd prefer to receive your Annual Statement and other important documents in paper, you can change your Preferences at any time, via Member Online or by contacting us. You can also request a hardcopy of your statement at no additional cost by contacting us.

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Notes to your Annual Statement

The Notes to your Annual Statement and your accompanying Annual Statement, combined make up your statement.

You can check out the notes here

Frequently asked questions

All members who have an active account at 30 June 2023 will receive an Annual Statement.

The Annual Statement is a legal requirement for all super funds, and members cannot opt out of receiving an Annual Statement.

Members who have exited the fund before 30 June 2023 will have been sent an exit statement, which will outline their activity for that financial year.

Your communications channel preference will determine when you will start to receive your Annual Statement.

Digital members

If you receive your communications digitally, you will receive a communication via email to let your know your Annual Statement is now ready to be viewed in Member Online from early September.

Print members

If you have chosen to receive your communications by print, or we don't have a valid email address to send digital communications to, you will start to receive your statement in the post from late September.

Why does it take so long to send my statement

With more than 2.3 million members, developing the statement, pulling all the relevant information and issuing each statement does take time.

This year we aim to have all 2023 Annual Statements out by the end of November.

You should check that all contributions from your employer/s have been received. If you think some contributions are missing, you should contact your employer. If you think your employer has not met their super obligations, you can contact the ATO.