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Merged fund of Sunsuper and QSuper

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strong returns over 10 years .1

Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Balanced option.  Returns prior to 28 February 2022 are for the former Sunsuper Balanced Option.
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admin weekly fee, plus 0.10% p.a, plus 0.07% p.a.2

Why choose us

Just like Sunsuper, Australian Retirement Trust is open to and inclusive of all Australians, no matter where they live or what industry they work in; and as a super fund that works for members, not shareholders, our members can trust that we’ll always work in their best interests.

Legacy of multi-year industry awards

Australian Retirement Trust’s Super Savings account has been awarded Canstar’s Outstanding Value Award for 2022 based on performance, fees and product features. Australian Retirement Trust has adopted the same products, services and investments as Sunsuper. We proudly held Canstar’s Outstanding Value Award from 2011 to 2022.3

Investment options that grow with you

Different life stages have different investment needs. With this in mind, in our default Lifecycle Strategy option, we'll invest your super in a balanced mix of assets and gradually move you to lower risk assets as you approach retirement age.

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Know we're a members-first fund

We work for members, not shareholders, and are committed to returning profits as better services & lower fees. Helping members make the most of their super and achieve their best retirement outcome.

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You can access exclusive offers and discounts from top Australian brands so you can save on things that matter today.

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For more information about the benefits and risks of opening a Super Savings account, before deciding to acquire or hold the product, please consider the Product Disclosure Statement.4

1 SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 - Balanced (60-76) Index, 30 June 2022. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Balanced option has adopted the pre-merger investment strategy of the Sunsuper Balanced option. The Sunsuper Balanced option for Super-savings accounts has identical investments to the Balanced Pool in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy. Members invested in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy are invested 100% in the Balanced Pool until age 55.

2 Percentage based fee applies to the first $800,000 of your Super Savings Accumulation account balance only. The 0.07% p.a. is deducted from the Fund’s general reserve (not from your account). Does not include investment fees and costs. Refer to the Super Savings Guide for investment fees and costs applying to each investment option.

3 Australian Retirement Trust has adopted the same products, services and investments as Sunsuper. For ratings and awards information, visit our Ratings & awards page.

4 Australian Retirement Trust's Target Market Determinations are available.

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