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Employer Online FAQs

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

You can only reset your password after you’ve logged in for the first time. Click the Forgot your password link on the log in screen and confirm a few details. If you’ve never logged in before, please contact us and we will be able to assist further.

I am new to Employer Online, why isn’t my contribution history available?

Only contributions submitted via your Employer Online account will be visible online. Australian Retirement Trust will have a record of contributions made by other methods.

I’ve already made a contribution for this period, Can I make another one?

Yes, you’re able to use a contribution period multiple times by selecting your contribution period from the drop down box.

The contribution period I require is not available, what do I do?

Simply select 'Custom' when choosing your payment frequency and you can enter your own start and end dates for the contribution. Please note the period displayed in Employer Online is for your records only and all late payments will still need to be reported to the ATO.

I can’t see a list of my employees. How can I edit their employment details?

Any changes you need to make to employment details for your members can be completed via the contribution grid. While these members may not receive a contribution the contribution grid will need to be submitted in order for those details to be updated on our system.

I received an error for a member but I can’t resolve it right now. What can I do?

Members can be excluded from a contribution grid, whether they have an error you need to correct or not. When you tick the box under the Exclude column, you will see that this employee’s contributions are deducted from your total. You may have to arrange a separate payment for excluded employees.

I excluded a member in my contribution grid and now I can’t remember who it was. Where can I find this information?

Excluded members are still visible in a completed grid via the Dashboard. Their contribution amounts will have been removed from the contribution totals. Remember, you may have to arrange a separate payment for excluded employees.

I’ve added a member in the contribution grid but a member number doesn’t appear. Can you tell me what’s happened?

If a member number has not been entered one will be assigned. Once it is available, you will see a new message next to your completed contribution on the Dashboard. The member number will be populated with either the member’s existing Australian Retirement Trust member number or their new member number if an account is created.

On occasion matching to member accounts may require manual review. In these instances, the member number may not be populated for five business days.

What kind of errors and warnings will I see in my contribution grid?

Errors may appear due to incorrect or poorly formatted data in the contribution grid (if you upload a contribution file, this includes the format of your file). If you are using the Australian Retirement Trust Clearing House,
errors may relate to fund codes so please ensure you are using a valid and correctly formatted code. A description of the error will appear on a line underneath the member.

You will be required to correct errors before you are able to submit. In the event that you’re not able to resolve the error, you are able to exclude that employee line from your contribution. When you tick the box under the Exclude column, you will see that this employee’s contributions are deducted from your total. You may have to arrange a separate payment for excluded employees. Remember you can always refer to your completed contribution grid for the details of the excluded employee.

Warnings will usually relate to data which has been provided for a member. You are still able to submit your grid with warnings.

I used the option “Pre-populate my contribution grid from a previous period” to create my contribution grid. I’ve noticed that for a member I created in my last grid, their contribution amounts are not visible. Could you please assist?

As the member was new in your last grid, the system will copy the member data only. You are able to manually enter contribution amounts for members. If you copy your most recent grid next time, both the member and contribution information will copy across. I’m trying to rehire my employee but I don’t see the option. What do I need to do?

You will need to add rehired employees as you would a new employee and then contact us to ensure this employee remains active on your employer account.

I’ve linked a fund in My Funds. Where do I add my employee?

When you add a new employee via the contribution grid, you must select their super fund from the drop down list otherwise it will default to Australian Retirement Trust.

If you upload a file, add the USI to your payroll system and file for that member. When you upload the file and submit your contribution grid, the member will be linked to the fund.

I upload a file. Do I need to link to a fund via My Funds before completing my upload?

You only need to manually link Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) via My Funds to provide us with the fund’s payment details, for all other funds you can simply add the fund USI in your file / payroll system for your employee. Once you upload your file, your account will be linked to that fund and your employee will be added.

How do I change the fund for my employee who has switched funds?

Ensure that you’re already linked to the new fund by clicking on My Funds and using the search function. If you’re not already linked to the fund, add the fund to your list by selecting Link Fund. Once linked to the fund, you will need to enter a termination date for the employee against the previous fund in the contribution grid. Then, simply click Add Employee, look for the new fund name and enter the employee details.

If you upload a contribution file, make sure there is a termination date for the employee against the previous fund along with another entry for the employee against the new fund.

I’ve submitted a contribution grid but now I need to delete it. Can this be done?

Contributions cannot be stopped once they are submitted. Please do not submit your grid unless you are ready to make your payment. If you aren’t ready yet, that’s ok you can go back to the Dashboard and when you’re ready to pay, resume the grid and submit.

How can I register to upload my contribution file?

Refer to our File Specifications for Web Upload document available online detailing the requirements and format of a file to be uploaded. To ensure that your file is configured correctly in our system, please include headings for each column if not already in the file.

If you’d like to be able to use Employer Online – Web Upload, please provide a sample superannuation file in .csv, .txt, .xls or .xlsx format from your payroll system, ensuring that any required USI also appears in your file. Please email your file to

Once we receive your email with this information, we will review your file and contact you. Please note, you are able to manually input contribution details in the meantime.

What file types will be accepted in Employer Online?

Files in csv, txt, xls or xlsx format can be accepted in Employer Online.

How do I update my company details online?

This functionality is not currently available. Please contact us and we will be able to assist further.

I’m trying to edit a user online, but it won’t let me.

This functionality is not yet available in Employer Online; however users can be added or deleted.

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