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Stay with Australian Retirement Trust

As one of Australia’s largest super funds, we leverage our size and scale to be a force for good to make our members’ world better, seeking out investments to guard and grow their savings and retirement income.

Thinking of transferring your super to another super fund?

Before you do, we encourage you to take a moment to remind yourself of the many reasons it's great to be a member of Australian Retirement Trust.

Want to withdraw your super?

Once you've turned 65, or reached your preservation age and retired, you have options for how you access your super - withdrawing a lump sum is just one of them. Another option is to leave your super invested so it will continue to receive investment earnings. To keep your money working for you in retirement, learn more about our Retirement income account

It’s important to remember that the way you access your super can have different tax implications so you may want to seek advice before making a decision.

Considering a self-managed super fund (SMSF)?

Setting up and running a SMSF involves significant time and effort. Make sure you understand the costs and what is involved in having a self-managed superannuation fund before you switch. If you're intending to transfer in order to get early access to your benefits, please read this warning from ASIC before taking any action.

Help and advice

Making the decision to withdraw or access your super is a big one, so you might like to have a chat to us before you make a move. We can talk you through all the pros and cons. Just call 13 11 84